TinyTurbo #212

Derby Name: TinyTurbo


Playing since: 

Stated Fresh meat in July 2013, then passed my Minimal in March 2016.


Teams played for:

I haven't played yet but looking forward to my first game :)  


First bout: 

7th May Rising Stars Game.


How did you get into roller derby?

Me and Jill, otherwise know as 'Rock'n'Riot'  used to work together. She had put pictures up on facebook of a game she had recently played in. I asked her what it was she played as it looked really interesting. She told me heaps about the game and suggested I come to a fresh meat intake session that was coming up. I went along and I have never looked back since.


Favourite derby moment:

Every derby moment has been the best moment! But if I really had to single one of them out I would say it was when I was awarded best blocker in a baby scrim I played during my time at fresh meat. It's  a position I really struggle with and to get awarded with best blocker helped me realise that I was not as bad at it as I thought. I really felt proud of myself.


Most embarrassing derby moment:

I was racing a 6ft something guys doing a lap of the track in under 13 seconds at fresh meant training one time, I got so focused on trying to beat him that I skated straight into a wall............guess the good part of it was that I won (and I'm 5'1")  :)


How did you choose your derby name and number?

I was known for being small and fast, so the name just kinda came about itself! The number however was kinda just random, also the song '212' by Azealia Banks was big at the time and I regrettable liked the song so decided to use the title as my skating number :)


What advice would you give to anyone interested in trying roller derby?

You don't know what it's like until you've tried it. I would honestly come along and give it a go it's so much fun and you meet so many ace people along the way. Even if skating isn't for you but you still want to be part of the team, there are other roles you can do which don't require you to skate.


What's your favourite thing about GCRD?

It's like a huge family. I know that if I was ever having a down day or something, one of the team would be able to bring my spirits up!


Pre-game rituals:

I've not played a proper bout yet so I don't really have a pre-game ritual. I guess I do what I imagine a lot of people do, getting in the zone and taken deep breaths (I's asthmatic so it's probably wise that I do :P)


Any skaters that inspire you?

Un-fairly and Mean-Masheena from GCRD. They skated with me at fresh meat and passed their minimals a year ago and are already playing with the Northern fights at championships which I think is just amazing! Watching how much they have progressed in the year is awesome, I hope to be as kick-ass as them two!


What would you do differently if you were starting out today?

Not hurt myself as much.........


Skate set-up:

I have Bont quadstar Skates with atom 93 wheels mixed with the wheels that came with the skates which are 88's. I have to admit I'm not a huge expert when it come to the set up of skates, I tend to get advice and stuff from other team mates as I tend to have no idea what I'm doing :/


Derby goals:

Just to play to the best of my abilities and become a supportive and contributing team member of GCRD!


Hobbies outside of GCRD:

I admit, once I started derby my other hobbies have kind of fizzled out. However I was a highland dancer for around 13/14 years and I also was a freestyle/hip hop dance teacher as for 2/3 years. I also did jazz dancing and ballroom for a time as well. I love meeting up with my pals and I enjoy doing crafty stuff.

#212 Tiny Turbo