Mean MaSheena

Derby Name: Mean MaSheena


Playing since: 

Passed Mins March 2015.


Teams played for:

Fight Hawks


First bout: 

Fight Hawks vs Lothian Derby Dolls, September 2015


How did you get into roller derby?

Totally by mistake! I was looking for information on a local beer festival and happened upon an ad for the intake day for GCRG, which was the following day. I had no idea the sport existed and didn’t know a single thing about it, but something made me go along and try it!


Favourite derby moment:

The first time I got Lead Jammer and got to call the jam at the Graduation Scrim at the end of the Fresh Meat course.


Most embarrassing derby moment:

Yet to come...


How did you choose your derby name and number?

One of my colleagues came up with the name MaSheena and I thought it was funny so I extended it a bit to suit derby. My birthday is 13 but that was unavailable so I added the 9 which is my other half’s birthday.


What advice would you give to anyone interested in trying roller derby?

Give everything a go, be prepared to have difficulty with some things, watch out for the floor when it comes hurtling towards you. Practice is your best friend.


What's your favourite thing about GCRD?

Being part of GCRD has made me a better version of myself, both on and off track. Being part of such an inclusive group makes it easier to be comfortable with who you really are. Also, the support of everyone to help other skaters coming up through the league has made me stick around longer than I might have otherwise.


Pre-game rituals:

I haven’t bouted enough to know yet! I imagine going to the loo and drinking lots of water will feature quite heavily.


Any skaters that inspire you?

All the skaters that have worked so hard to get the Scottish and UK leagues to where they are today. It amazes me that the UK sport has grown so much in a relatively short period of time.


What would you do differently if you were starting out today?

Fortune favours the brave. I would try the things that scare me sooner and with more commitment so that I either get better at it, or get better at falling over and keeping going. I would also try to remember not to fall on my head so much.


Skate set-up:

Currently still on my starter skates (Riedell R3’s) with Crazy Play wheels and Superstop Shock Stop toe stops. 187 pads, S1 helmet.


Derby goals:

Right now my main goal is to keep learning at every session and develop better strategy and gameplay to be the best Hawk I can be.


Hobbies outside of GCRD:

#913 Mean Masheena