Derby Name: Krusty


Playing since: 

Skating since 2009, playing since 2010 (Out due to injury for 15 months!)


Teams played for:

Granite's Northern Fights. Of Fights and Men - co-ed team, guest skated a few times and have done a Sur5al. Working hard to make the Fight Hawks roster, Granite's amazing 'B' team.


First bout: 

Guest skated for GRD 10th April and then ARRG at Hadrian's Brawl, 11 April 2010.


How did you get into roller derby?

Candy Moho who has been my best friend for like ever, introduced me to Blackjack Belle who was starting up Aberdeen's league way back in 2007ish. Personal commitment restricted me joining at the time but when I moved to Aberdeen in Jan 2009, I joined the first week of February, rest is history.


Favourite derby moment:

There's actually a lot! Can't pick. Sorry.


Most embarrassing derby moment:

The gusset in my tights being on show in pictures of me Jamming, that was classy! Got hit so hard to the ground in a game once and pee'd a bit, thought everyone could see. Soon dried :)


How did you choose your derby name and number?

My original name was "Satan's Little Helper" back in 2010, Krusty Thud was given to me by Candy Moho originally, the team at the time wouldn't let it go, so I sucked it up and kept it. Gets a few giggles. 666 stems from the name "Satan's Little Helper", Satan = 666 and I LOVE horror.


What advice would you give to anyone interested in trying roller derby?

Try. Be warned, if you get taken in by it, your life is devoured by the Sport. Just do it already!


What's your favourite thing about GCRD?

Everyone who is involved with the Club. Laughter, tears, memories that will stay with me forever. I have never been so blessed to have such a fantastic bunch of people in my life. Away trips, like Blackpool.


Pre-game rituals:

I used to paint my face as The Joker. Too lazy now and always pushed for time before a game to bother. As a team we now have a burning ritual, don't do this at home kids!


Any skaters that inspire you?

All the newbie skaters I help coach on a Wednesday. Every week they all individually pull something awesome out of their bag, they don't realise it but I can see it. This inspires me to work harder with my own skating and behind the scenes of the Club. I thrive on seeing others thrive, these dedicated members keep me motivated.


What would you do differently if you were starting out today?

I mentioned this on Talk Derby To Me podcast, buy kit that fits!!! Don't go, ach that will do, took me 4 years to realise my skates were too big! Ask other skaters for a wee shotty of their kit. Also; I wish the sport was around when I was younger, I'm 41 now and unsure the lifespan of the Krust, time and body will tell...


Skate set-up:

Antik Spyders, Sure Grip Zombie Mids (MOTO bearings), 187 Pro Knee, 187 Elbow, 187 Wrist Guards and SISU mouth guard (need's a clean, white with a hint of dirt). Loves a 187!


Derby goals:

To carry on skating for as long as possible, avoid more injuries, be the fittest I've ever been for the Sport and get back playing. To help GCRD continue to grow...  


Hobbies outside of GCRD:

None. I don't have the time. My life is Derby. I gym it but that's for derby, doesn't really count.


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