Jo Mamma

Derby Name: Jo Mamma


Playing since: 

9th August 2014 was my first game, skating since July 2013.


Teams played for:

Northern Fights, Teastops (Mixed team).


First bout: 

GCRG vs Romsey Rollerbillies, 9th August 2014


How did you get into roller derby?

Introduced to it by friends of a friend at a Halloween party in Glasgow a few years ago, but I wasn’t able to join the league there. It planted a seed though, and I moved up to Aberdeen a week earlier than planned just to I could make it to the intake day! So glad to have GCRD as my league now, these guys are worth the wait!


Favourite derby moment:

Being part of a winning team to close our season this year was wonderful, as were the various pre-bout activities!


Most embarrassing derby moment:

I’m guessing it hasn’t happened yet… or I have no sense of shame.


How did you choose your derby name and number?

My derby name makes me laugh! A joke as old as the hills. My number is just from my birthday.


What advice would you give to anyone interested in trying roller derby?

Don’t compare your skills or progress to other people – you’re a team, their strengths are your strengths.


What's your favourite thing about GCRD?

They are so welcoming! They’re also a very driven league who really consult with all the members before making decisions.


Pre-game rituals:

I need to be a get a bit zen before any stressful activity – I haven’t developed any rituals yet, but I do a wee meditation.


Any skaters that inspire you?

Mr. Furieux – I aspire to his skating style – adaptable and jukey!


What would you do differently if you were starting out today?

I wouldn’t change anything – you get where you get when you get there!


Skate set-up:

Still on R3’s with gumballs, (and outdoor wheels!!) this will be changing soon!!


Derby goals:

I want to work on my strength and quick movement across the track.


Hobbies outside of GCRD:

Mountain boarding, skiing, climbing, kayaking, cooking.

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