Jaffa Skates

Name: Jaffa Skates


When not being a derby ref extraordinaire what do you do?:

I talk. A lot. Usually on a little roller derby podcast called Talk Derby To Me ( We've been lucky enough to.inyerview some huge names in this sport which is pretty cool.  I'm also an independent announcer too (although I do have a terrible habit of volunteering for games/events and then realising I can't actually afford to go!)  Away from derby, I'm also the management representative for WrestleZone Scotland.


What got you into reffing?:

Krusty. Haha. According to her, she figured I could do it so she decided to buy me a starter kit so I'd have no excuse not to at least give it a go. I fell a lot at my first session but absolutely loved it and haven't looked back since.


First bout:

Ummm...the next home game...! May 7th 2016 will mark my official stripey debut.   Yes...I am terrified at the prospect.


Favourite bout you've reffed: 

Seeing as it's not yet happened at the point of typing this, I'll go with the first grad scrim I reffed. Was good to actually get into the groove of being a whistley, shouty, stripey person.


Any bout day rituals?: 

Music and yoga. I'm all about a few decent tunes in my head to help me focus and yoga has been an absolute lifesaver for me the last year or so. Without a decent stretch, I'd never be able to skate.


What's your favourite rule?:

8.3.2  Was the mantra that was drilled into us by Tessington and it stuck. Makes me more relaxed somehow.


Ref heroes: 

Rawk, Cherry Fury, Righteous Oxide, Candy Moho, Twist Of Faith, Buffy and Tessington.   Some of those are well known names but the last 3 are the most important. Faith is my derby wife and we've trained together since day one. Buffy and Tessington are the 2 who have coached and mentored me since I started. I've not always shown or explained to them just how much I appreciate their support and guidance. Also, the fact they can tolerate my atrocious banter speaks volumes for their patience!


Favourite thing about reffing: 

Cheesy as hell but the fact we are there to keep everyone safe. It's not about sending people off, it's about providing a safe, structured and rules based environment that allows the skaters the freedom to do what they do best. That's my theory anyway.


How long have you been reffing for?: 

Ummm...about 3 years ago is when I started TRYING to do the skatey thing.


What would you do differently if you were starting out today?: 

Everything. Haha. Nah, just invest in better equipment early on. Start as you mean to go on.


Skate set up: 

Reidell R3's & Crazy skates wheels (I forget the duro but it's 4 soft and 4 not so soft!) 187 pads, sisu mouthguard, Fox 40 whistle etc etc.


Advice for anyone looking to improve rules knowledge: 

Study footage. Read your rule book. Most importantly...ASK QUESTIONS. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

Krusty teal