Frost Damage

Name and Number: Frost Damage 69


Playing since: I played for three years from 2009 but I've been off skates for two years now due to kidney failure.


First Bout: Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie against Dundee in 2010 I think. I got terrible concussion and spent most of the night in hospital. On later inspection of the video it was Wasted that knocked me off my feet.


How did you get into derby: I could already roller skate and a friend's girlfriend did this weird sport down in Windsor. I looked it up and there was a group in Aberdeen. Joy!


Favourite derby moment: Doing really well in the Survival tournament despite there only being four of us.


Choose name and number: 69 is my birth year and Frost is my last name. Adding damage was the logical conclusion as I'm pretty clumsy.

Advice to anyone interested: just do it. It's fun, athletic, brain teasing and you inherit the best and most supportive degenerate family in the world.


Favourite thing about GCRG:  Just read my last answer!


Any skaters that inspire you:  Apart from the obvious US skaters I think that Jill (Rock n Riot) is fab. She is fearless. And that is what makes her able to get better and better.


Skate set up: I've still got Riedell Wickeds with hard 95A jukes for sliding.


Derby goals: to get back on skates properly when my brother gives me a kidney. He has assured me he will.


Hobbies: horse riding, kayaking, skiing and my lovely motorbike.