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This Saturday (7th October) is your chance to get involved with Granite City Roller Derby as we look for new skaters, referees and NSO’s (Non-Skating Officials) to join us.

We welcome all genders, all body types, fitness levels and all levels of skater, from never skated before to skate park vets.

The first session is free and all we ask is that you are over 18, wear comfortable, sports style clothing and bring water.

What is Roller Derby all about? Is it for me? What will I get from it?

To answer these burning questions, we spoke to some of our current and graduating members from our new skater course.

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Want to skate with us? Visiting the area and need your derby fix?

We are open to guest skaters, referees and NSOs!

To arrange your visit please contact [email protected]

In your email, please include the following:

Your first session is free of charge! The cost of each session thereafter is £5 for skaters, £3 for referees, and FREE for NSOs. Please be aware that some sessions - particularly on the run up to games - will be closed to guests. We are an open league so all genders welcome.

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It's still September, it's still Fresh Meat Month (remember, taster session Saturday 17th at 2pm) and this week we spoke to Newbie Team Black - The Super Smash Hoes. We caught up with some of them to ask how they’ve been getting on as the session comes to a close. Here’s what Foxy Blocks, Corporal Punishment, Harrocane, Poody Cat, Fawn of the Dead and Huffletuff had to say.

What is your favourite thing about derby?

Skating! It’s so much fun, the camaraderie and supportive environment is second to none. All of my Aberdeen pals I’ve met through roller derby – it’s not just a sport, it’s a community. - Fawn of the Dead

Adrenaline when pulling off a good move, beating a pb and the competition with myself. - Foxy Blocks

Being part of a team, that sense of belonging, it’s a great laugh with the girls, and of course learning derby skills. - Harrocane

Amazing derby friends, also the skating. - Huffletuff

The community - such a fun, kind, varied group of women. It’s so much more than skating and hitting. - Corporal Punishment

The camaraderie and the feeling that even though you think you are not achieving goals as quickly as you think you should be, no one judges you and if anything they keep encouraging you. In general derby is the best thing I've been involved with - a wide range of different people, different skills and the shared derby passion. I can't rate the mentors and skaters that help week in week out highly enough. - Poody Cat

What has been your biggest challenge?

27 in 5.[skating 27 laps in 5 minutes] - Huffletuff

Being a newbie again, not being the best and stamina. - Foxy Blocks

'Coming out of my shell'. Being able to be more vocal and do things in front of people without feeling silly. I am more confident and am happy to accept the small things that I improve on even though I'm not achieving every single thing. - Poody Cat

Learning to skate! I couldn’t even stand on day one, still can’t skate now but every week I get better, stronger and faster. - Corporal Punishment

When I first started over a year ago I thought I would never pass 27/5 (top tip: everyone does!) but over the last session I’ve seen my technique improve so much to the point where I am consistently achieving it. Seriously though, the 30 second one-leg balance (that most nail in week 1) was probably the most difficult for me to pass! - Fawn of the Dead

Plow, true story - Harrocane

What is your goal / aim for next session?

To pass mins! [minimum skills test] - Harrocane

To move to inters and eventually the B team. I’m looking forward to the next challenge! - Corporal Punishment

Now that I’ve passed mins, it’s only just the start! Going up to Intermediates I want to learn more gameplay (and translate it into practice!), continue to find my pivot voice and be confident giving hits 100% of the time! - Fawn of the Dead

Continue working on my skills and learn some awesome new ones. - Huffletuff

Pass more things, get lower and learn more rules. - Foxy Blocks

My biggest goal for next session would be to try and get to the inters class. As a mum of three I don't have heaps of money to spend on myself so I intend to get better wheels and hopefully improve on all the mins categories next time round - I have my 50th in December so I hope to get my gear then!! - Poody Cat

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It’s September, and that means FRESH MEAT MONTH!

Yes, GCRD are inviting all potential new skaters for a taster on Saturday 17th September. It’s fun, it’s free, why not come and have a go?

In case you’re not convinced we’ve got these guys to tell you what they think as they come to the end of the Fresh Meat Course.

Each New Intake group at GCRD is split into two teams, and choose team names based on a theme. This session the theme was “Computer Games” and our Freshies became the “Super Smash Hoes” and the “Wreck it Rollers”.

This week we asked the Wreck it Rollers a few questions on how they’ve been finding the course as they get ready for their upcoming Graduation Scrim.

Here’s what Kim Reaper, Capsblock, Sweedy Gonzales, Freckled Frenzy and Chelseasmile had to say.

What is your favourite thing about Derby?

The bant! All the girls, the company and all the fun and laughter that comes with the sport. - Freckled Frenzy

How encouraging and inclusive everyone is, regardless of your skill level everyone is made to feel like they are a part of the club. Plus it's exciting! - Victory Rolls

Team spirit and all the awesome people. - Sweedy Gonzales

The sisterhood! No seriously, sports + feminism = <3 - Capsblock

It’s something that I do for myself (away from my kids!) that’s heaps of fun and a great workout! - Kim Reaper

There’s such a family community! It’s a great way to exercise! I’m so much stronger and confident since starting Derby! I’m learning to love myself because of it! - Chelseasmile

What has been your biggest challenge?

Late nights and keeping going when it feels like you’re failing. - Sweedy Gonzales

27 in 5!! (skating 27 laps in 5 minutes) And jumps but amazingly I’ve passed both this session! - Chelseasmile

Clockwise transitions (turning from skating forwards to skating backwards) were tricky, but after lots of practise I got it! - Kim Reaper

Speed, it still scares me but I’m getting there. - Freckled Frenzy

Skillwise, 27 in 5. Mental toughness wise, letting myself find “my” pace of learning. - Capsblock

Taking a hit for the first time, but then I realised that I love it! - Victory Rolls

What is your goal / aim for next session?

I’m moving back to Australia soon but I will definitely continue with derby! - Kim Reaper

Add another 0.5 lap to my 27 in 5. - Capsblock

27 in 5! - Freckled Frenzy

Not get too many penalties during Grad Scrim. - Sweedy Gonzales

Pass my backwards skating! It’s the only thing left on mins! And progress well enough for Tuesday training! - Chelseasmile

To be more confident at backwards skating and get my head around backwards crossovers. I have a bit of a mental block with where I should put my feet. - Victory Rolls

Next time we find out how the Super Smash Hoes have been getting on!

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As one of 40 or so people waiting nervously around the edge of the sports hall, I could tell I was in the right place - I was standing in line to become fresh meat…

What this involved exactly was about to unveil itself during the next two hours of the Granite City Roller Girls intake day, a free session held by the group as a taster to the fast-paced sport of roller derby. Having only come across the event the night before, I had barely slept a wink from the anticipation of taking part – and now there was no going back!

As the team began matching our ‘fresh meat’ feet to skates, heads to helmets and vulnerable body parts to protective pads, us newbies read over the important health and safety information of the sport, exchanging eyebrow-raising glances as to what we were letting ourselves in for.

Amongst the first half of participants to be kitted out, I eagerly carried my skates to the centre of the hall to meet the mentors-to-be. With a short introduction, a few practice falls to initiate the trusting relationship with our knee pads plus some casual derby stance squatting, the group was soon tying the laces of some rather cool looking 4 wheeled boots. I wriggled my toes in excitement - it was time to test these skates out on track!

The next hour became all about finding your feet, avoiding others and remaining upright – oh, and stopping! I was grateful to have had some skating experience behind me having heard a few others on track becoming acquainted with their protective gear - although I learned later that, for some, this was their first time on wheels ever! Everyone, however, soon settled into the friendly and supportive ‘give-it-a-go’ atmosphere created by the derby-pros and you felt the confidence to glide along – or attempt to glide – without a care in the world too!

The second half of the intake day gave the GCRG coaches a chance to explain all there is to know about roller derby: the game’s history, the rules, the funny stories, the derby names and….the fresh meat course. They provided a great overview of the sport and answered a variety of newbie questions, no matter how small. Their enthusiasm soon rubbed off on us and left the group chattering away with an excited buzz in the air!

Leaving with an invitation to the upcoming derby match, I was delighted to have come across such a friendly and supportive group who were full of laughs and outrageous stories. The people I met during the event, both Granite City Roller Girls and fellow fresh meat girls, really put me at ease and helped me to feel like I could actually be part of this.

So, being fresh meat no longer seems that bad; let’s just see how session 1 of roller derby goes...

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