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Want to skate with us? Visiting the area and need your derby fix?

We are open to guest skaters, referees and NSOs!

To arrange your visit please contact [email protected]

In your email, please include the following:

Your first session is free of charge! The cost of each session thereafter is £5 for skaters, £3 for referees, and FREE for NSOs. Please be aware that some sessions - particularly on the run up to games - will be closed to guests. We are an open league so all genders welcome.

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This Saturday (1st April) is New Intake Day here at GCRD. This means we have reached the end of our current Fresh Meat and Intermediate courses which is an exciting time for the skaters graduating to a new group!

Our final Inters session was yesterday, and we are super proud of Tinytaes and Fawn of the Dead who have graduated to advanced training! Here’s what some of our inters had to say about the course, scrims, the mentors and each other.

We’ve all found some parts of the course challenging...

Getting used to the warm up drills was a shock to the system, but a nice one! I'm loving the gameplay drills, which can be challenging as you're trying to remember so many steps but it's really satisfying when you start to just do them automatically.

Victory Rolls

There is a much bigger gap in skills between skaters (some are hawks and some are just out of newbs) so it was initially quite intimidating.

Foxy Blocks

As always 27 in 5! Lol. Also skating with some of the more advanced skaters that sometimes attend the sessions.


Backwards skating is still a challenge for me however I'm confident that I'll nail it!


But we’ve seen massive improvements as we progressed...

I think my confidence has really grown and being pushed that little bit more out of your comfort zone at each practice is great, as each week you get a little better.

Victory Rolls

I managed to get 29/5, improved at jumps of all kinds, and my aggression and ability to time a hit properly.

Foxy Blocks

The first week we did hockey stops and I managed to nail it in the same session! My backwards crossovers have really come on (thanks to Jo Mama’s wonderful technique!), I can keep them going round the entire track when I don’t overthink it!

Fawn of the Dead

I’ve seen lots of improvements! My fitness is much better, transitions are more fluid and I'm closer to 27 in 5 than before


I've really enjoyed learning how to incorporate the skills we've already learnt into game situations, such as transitioning into a hit, there are so many things I've enjoyed that I couldn't see myself attempting a year ago!


We love all our mentors and coaches...

The mentors and coaches have been great, it's been wonderful having a variety of styles and each have their own take on a certain move, so if you don't quite get it the first time you know that you will eventually. A HUGE thanks to everyone, I can't express how much I appreciate everyone's patience and help.

Victory Rolls

Our coaches and mentors are awesome as always. It's good they say what is being done beforehand so plans can be added to or changed to suit the skaters who will be there. If there is any spare time at the end they listen to what we want to do and help accordingly.

Foxy Blocks

Because Inters is such a small but perfectly formed group, the mentors and coaches are able to offer one-to-one advice which is invaluable. The drills with the Fights and Hawks are really rewarding, especially when you begin feeling a bit lost and by the end you can already see the improvement thanks to their instant feedback.

Fawn of the Dead

Always awesome, there's been some really good sessions that have managed to be both challenging and fun!


With the support and teachings of our mentors and coaches I can actually see myself skating in a team in the not too distant future, they're so lovely and it's because of them and the support of my lovely fellow skaters that I've found the confidence in my abilities.


The coaches and mentors have been brilliant. They are great at coming up with different ways to help us learn or understand a drill and are always motivating and supportive.

Pain au Chocolat

...and each other...

It's been great seeing everyone grow in confidence and ability.

Victory Rolls

The other inters are a lovely supportive bunch with more experience so good to ask for advice.

Foxy Blocks

I love these guys! Everyone's always really encouraging and it's great to share my derby journey with them!


The other inters are lovely, so dedicated and helpful and patient when someone needs more time to pick up a skill or drill.

Pain au Chocolat

We’ve scrimmed with the Hawks...

The scrims have been my favourite experience of the whole program, I love getting hit! It's great seeing how experienced skaters work together as a team and you see straight away what you need to work on and improve. Everyone has been so patient, so that's really appreciated.

Victory Rolls

More would be good to practise skills being taught. More directed scrims maybe to see tactics in action, so everything will hopefully 'click'.

Foxy Blocks

I have a love hate relationship with scrims, love playing, hate the nerves! But I really learned a lot from scrimming alongside some of the Hawks.


I’ve enjoyed scrimming more this time around as I feel like I was able to contribute more to my team when on track (although my reaction times are pretty slow). It’s always useful to put skills and drills into practise and I’m looking forward to scrimming more.

Pain au Chocolat

And looking forward...

I'm not quite mins passed, so that's obviously a goal and I want to get higher with my jumps! My communication needs to be worked on a bit, as I sometimes forget to keep shouting.

Victory Rolls

Have baby and get back to skating! Get lower, learn more rules and get onto hawks to allow the chance to scrim more.

Foxy Blocks

I’d really like to improve my gameplay, the theory is getting there but putting it into practice is a different matter entirely!

Fawn of the Dead

Again it's to finally get 27 in 5 haha, it's like my nemesis! Also to learn more on track awareness.


My goals for the future are to pass backwards skating and get myself into training with the girls on the teams, fingers crossed!


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March's Skater of the Month is one of our Intermediate skaters who is on the verge of graduating and already has her sights set on her first Fight Hawks game. Ladies and Gentlemen we give you - Tinytaes!

What is you day job?

Day job: Certs coordinator at an oil company

Night Job: bar tender at Aberdeen Altens hotel

What are your hobbies (other than skating)?

Dodgeball and Off-roading.

How did you get started in Roller Derby?

I saw the intake poster for it, didn't know anyone going but thought if I don't go I'll regret it so I went and met an amazing bunch of people who I can now call friends.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out?

Do it. Don't think about it, don't procrastinate just go for it. If you don't you will absolutely regret it!

Which derby person do you look up to most/aspire to be like?

Krusty, Pert Hits or Un-Fairley. All of them have been amazing coaches from one stage

to the other. (All the other coaches are obvs amazing too!!) They are all good skaters for different reasons but also amazing role models in the Derby world.

What is your proudest Derby achievement?

Being able to do an apex jump and clearing Fairley's leg and scrimming with the Hawks.

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Because this post is about our inters group. Geddit?

This year GCRD introduced a new Intermediate group to help bridge the gap between Fresh Meat and “Tuesdays” (mins passed skaters training sessions).

This Sunday marked the final session of the very first inters group, and here’s some of our thoughts as we graduate...

Arabian Frights explains what the course entails :

After mins testing the intake I was a part of, gcrd introduced an intermediate group for those just passed mins (who maybe didn't feel ready for Tuesday nights) and those who were on the cusp of being mins passed.

For those moving up from newbies...

What does inters entail?

Well for one it’s a lot stricter than newbies, that doesn't mean that it's less fun. It's just we have one hour less than we did at newbs so we gotta keep going!

So what did we do there?

We focussed on a lot of dynamic walls. Low (lower than we had been before!), slow moving brace walls. Think the Gotham vs London game and you'll get the idea! Dig those edges in while the jammer is pushing at your wall to slow it down and you'll really tire her out! Our sessions focusing on edge work with Jo Mamma and Karyn really helped with that. They even got us to try weaving round the cones on one foot and backwards! So hard to not look at your feet doing that! We also got more in depth on lateral movements for quicker movement across the width of the track. Trap that jammer!! - Arabian Frights

As well as working to pass our last few minimum skills (transitions, always transitions…) we focussed a lot on gameplay and tactics, which I’ve really enjoyed, and occasionally been confused by (backwards beading anyone?) - Pain au Chocolat

This class was great as it hit on everything we did in beginners but with a higher standard of difficulty. It was hard work but great. Everything we learned in beginners was put to the test in this class as well as scrims. - Jamming Dodger

After I passed minimum skills at the end of the fresh meat course, I really felt that I needed something to bridge the gap between beginners' training on Wednesdays and the more advanced training on Tuesdays. As I am still quite new to the sport, the intermediate course was perfect for allowing me build confidence in gameplay skills and get a better grasp of the rules. - Bonnie

It was pretty challenging at times…

The biggest challenges for me personally in moving up was my 27/5 and taking hits. I'd developed some sort of hits anxiety during fresh meat and was so worried that if I didn't get over it, that roller derby wasn't for me. I think one of our first Sunday sessions we focused on hits and Ruby Riot was with us...we took hits within a pack from her and I got my tick and it gave me a bit of a confidence boost. Next challenge...27/5, all that was left to be mins passed. For what seemed like forever, I was stuck between 23.5 and 25 . I upped my cardio off skates and with advice from Rapidbash, she had me counting my crossovers around the apex and up the straight way. Shouting out how many I had to do as I went along. Her encouragement really helped and If anything counting helped take the focus off the leg burning that comes on almost half way through! The next week, I finally did it and got 27.5! Yay!

I also couldn't get my head around beading...especially beading back. After going through the motions slowly, I think I'm getting it now! - Arabian Fights

I did find this course to be a lot more challenging than Fresh Meat, both mentally and physically, as it introduced more advanced tactics where “getting low” meant “no, really, get lower”. Because we were focussing on skills we struggled with, that could get tough mentally, but there were always the other skaters (and coaches and mentors) encouraging me and pushing me on, thanks guys! - Pain au Chocolat

We also got to scrim with the Hawks a few times - Kakaw!

Scrims were a really good learning experience as it put all our skills and drills into actual gameplay, which was really useful as it made me realise why certain things were constantly being drilled into us. I did feel like a spare part sometimes, as it was much more fast paced than I was used to, but it was also a lot more exhilarating when I “did a thing”! - Pain au Chocolat

Soon we were informed that we would be having our first full contact scrim. I felt so nervous the whole day leading up to scrim time, this was really gonna be the test on my hits confidence...there would be nowhere to hide! Scrim passed in a complete blur, I felt I spent more time on my butt than on my skates but I still had the best time! Our last scrim as inters was so much fun, we were a bit shorter on skaters so it was hard work to keep going in every jam. I gave hits!! I took hits and it wasn't so bad! When it was over I think everyone was so pleased at how far we had all come! - Arabian Fights

Final Thoughts?

I really enjoyed intermediate training! It was also useful that our group was quite small as it allowed us to get to know each other a bit better. Additionally, it meant that we could get more specific feedback from the coaches and trainers, who I can't thank enough for their hard work and support! - Bonnie

Just finished the last session of intermediate class and I feel a mix of emotions. I really enjoyed this class and had great fun with everyone in it. I'm excited and nervous for what's next but can't wait. Thanks again to all the coaches and mentors were all brilliant. - Jamming Dodger

I’m really glad this course exists and that I moved up when I did. It really gave me a kick up the butt and made me more focussed. My skating has come on leaps and bounds and I am more confident on track, thanks in no small part to my fellow inters, and the coaches and mentors. You’ve all been awesome and I really appreciate it! - Pain au Chocolat

I can't thank all my fellow inters enough for being such an awesome group to be a part of. We've all done so well! Our coaches and mentors have been awesome, thank you all for your time, knowledge and encouragement.

Here's to Tuesday's .... - Arabian Fights

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My Little Pornies (Black) .v. Uniscorns (White)

So the day had arrived, 23rd Jan 2015, when our current fresh meat got to put all that they had learnt into action. Their first Positional Scrim. They were joined by the Granite City Brawlermen’s fresh meat, but you would have never known that they had never skated together. There was a mixture of excitement and nerves in the room during the warm up and kit check. Then it was all a go, the enthusiasm and effort oozed from every individual involved and before we knew it, the scrim was over! The feedback received was inspirational and we wanted to share this with you all.

Mentors Feedback

Mentor: Claire Simpson

Roller Derby Name: Ruby Riot - Roller Derby Number: 08 - Team: My Little Pornies

"I was extremely proud watching everyone at scrims! You all brought your A game and I can see everyone taking on all the coaching and applying it to their skating and tactics. It made me happy dance on more than one occasion!"

Mentor: Janey Forsyth

Roller Derby Name: Berocca Bama - Roller Derby Number: 17 - Team: Uniscorns

"Positional scrims was so awesome, well done guys and gals!!! Everyone played so well and I saw so many smiles, that's what it's all about, super proud of everyone, Uniscorns and Pornies alike!"

My Little Pornies Feedback

Fresh meat: Lucy Paton

Skating Since: February 2014 - Team: My Little Pornies

"As a non-skater on the night it was still so exciting to watch live roller derby action and I was so proud of everyone. Especially proud of my team mates. The fresh meat Brawlermen handled themselves so well! Who would have thought there could be such drama at a fresh meat positional scrim!! It was great to see some of the skaters who have only been doing it for a few months jam, get through the pack and get lead jammer for the first time!! Smiles all round and great fun!"

Fresh meat: Leanne Brown

Skating Since: September 2014 - Positional Scrim Number: 6 - Team: My Little Pornies

"The session before the positional scrim was buzzing with talk of player numbers and tactics. It seemed everyone was ready and raring to go, I was terrified. I just wasn’t ready. I wasn’t afraid to try hard or of falling, I was just frustrated that I wasn’t as good as everyone else. I looked around and felt like the only person who still hadn’t got it. The closer the game got the more I just wanted to pack it all in.

Inevitably game day arrived, we warmed up and after watching the first few Jams it was my turn. I was a blocker. It flew by in a blur of numbers, skaters and helmet covers but I survived and loved it. I went straight back and volunteered for jammer. I had a rocky start with a trip to the penalty box but after that I broke through the pack. I was so excited and shocked that I fell over… ending my big moment on the floor. But who cares I broke through, after that I skated around the track with a little extra confidence (I like to think my wobbling made me look like I had a little extra swagger).

The rest of the game just happened, I volunteered for every jam and chatted excitedly with the team suggesting blocks and tactics. The game ended in hugs, cheers and laughter and the obligatory group photo. No one cared about the score, all that mattered was how much we’d learned and how far we’d all come. Scrims have been one of my favourite bits so far and I look forward to my next attempt, although next time I’ll be wanting to know the score."

Fresh meat: Meriki Hill

Skating Since: September 2014 -Positional Scrim Number: 10 - Team: My Little Pornies

"So since I got the ‘learnt the most’ award I am going to enlighten you to all of my lessons learnt;

1. Learn the rules of derby

2. Try and skate off the track to the penalty box and not into the edges of the hall.

3. Do everything faster

4. Listen to everyone all the time

5. Penalties are not scary

6. (not learnt but definitely reinforced) I LOVE ROLLER DERBY!"

Fresh meat: Nichola Watson

Skating Since: September 2014 - Positional Scrim Number: 14 - Team: My Little Pornies

"I had a huge amount of self-loathing after being given a shot at jamming. I spent most of the jam in the penalty box and felt I really let the team down. The advice Krusty and the others gave us about letting it go and moving on was spot on, once I’d managed to do that I could focus on helping my team by blocking the best I could. Such a great way to learn the game, I just wish we could do it more!"

Fresh meat: Ben Rafferty

Skating Since: September 2014 - Positional Scrim Number: 21 - Team: My Little Pornies

"Thanks go out to all at GCRG for inviting the Granite City Brawlermen to their positional scrim, the event was a huge success and enjoyed immensely by those of us taking part. It was a fantastic opportunity both to learn the game and have fun doing it! We are enormously grateful to be able to participate in a scrim with you and share in your infectious enthusiasm and hunger for the sport. From everyone at GCB, fervently looking forward to skating with you again - Cheers!"

Uniscorns Feedback

Fresh meat: Jodie Thomson

Roller Derby Name: Lamb of Quad - Skating Since: 2009/2010 - Positional Scrim Number: 555 - Team: Uniscorns

"What I love about scrims: Mostly I love the team spirit and enthusiasm from every single person! It doesn’t matter if you have scrimmed before or if it’s your first time, you still get butterflies in you tummy. As soon as you’re put into your team, I find that the nerves start to fade away and the excitement and encouragement from team mates helps bring out your inner confidence! I love the feeling at the end of the scrim when you hug it out with everyone and see the HUGE smiles everyone has on their faces. For me personally, that’s what I love about derby: the fun you have and the confidence it gives you."

Fresh meat: Kath Nolan

Skating Since: September 2014 - Positional Scrim Number: 12 - Team: Uniscorns

"I was nervous and excited about my first baby scrim. What really sticks out in my memory is how quickly it seems to pass. There is so much to think of all at once. I really enjoyed it and for the next one I am hoping to be more focused and confident. Thanks so much to all the mentors and all uniscorns and pornies."

Fresh meat: Charlotte Andrews

Skating Since: September 2014 - Positional Scrim Number: 3 - Team: Uniscorns

"Everyone said that your first scrim is over before you know it and I can honestly say I agree with them. Once I got past the nerves, and there were a lot of them, I had an amazing time. Everyone is so encouraging and team-mates help each other through it. The encouragement doesn’t stop once the game does, there were awards after, congratulating people on their efforts. I was given “Best Jammer” for my team, I was surprised and I wouldn’t have gotten it without the help of my amazing team-mates. I got such a buzz at the end of the scrim, I didn’t want it to end, I can safely say I am now hooked on derby."

Fresh meat: Amanda Gilmour

Skating Since: September 2011 - Roller Derby Name: Sew Foxy - Positional Scrim Number: 25 - Team: Uniscorns

"If I had written this right after the scrim, it would have been a big jumble of caps locked letters and exclamation marks. I’m not sure when I’ve ever been so excited. Having some guys with us was a new experience. I thought they did their coaches proud, I felt we gelled really well considering a few of us really only met an hour or so before the scrim. I also thought that the newer girls were fabulous. Lined up for one particular jam, a newer lass was going to be pivot and asked me what they do. After a few seconds explanation, she was so in the zone, telling us all the plan for the jam. That was my proud parent moment of the scrim…well one of them anyway. All the older skaters, fights, refs or even us more experienced non – mins passed keep saying how well all the new girls are doing. It’s because it’s so true. Coming into this scrim there were no “weak links”, there was nobody that would fall over at the slightest breeze. Not only was everyone skating well, they were skating well under new conditions with a lot of noise and a lot of other things (refs, benchs) going on as well. What’s more, the more experienced girls have improved so much as well. Skaters who were wobbly at the last scrim are now more like grounded trees. I hope that everyone came away from the scrim saying they had a lot of fun. I had so much fun with each and every one of you, whether you were on my team or not. I’m now at a point where I just want us to all be one big happy team, and skate against other people instead! Team My Little Uniscorns anyone?"

So as you can see the positional scrims were a huge success and everyone involved loved them.

From all of the freshmeat: A big thanks to all the Refs, NSO'S, coaches, mentors and general encouragement from to say we all loved it...derby is addictive!

Photographs Below: Andy Morris

Everyone Involved
Everyone Involved
Team My Little Pornies
Team My Little Pornies
Team Uniscorns
Team Uniscorns
Anna Campbell with a very cheery jamming face!
Anna Campbell with a very cheery jamming face!
Dianne Milne getting her Jam on!
Dianne Milne getting her Jam on!
Action shot!
Action shot!
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