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Some of our ladies have been increasing their game experience and what better way to do this than mixed Charity Games?! These games are great as they are pretty relaxed, lots of fun and you get to meet more brilliant people in the derby community. It has also allowed our Fights and Hawks the chance to play on the same team together!

First up we had Glasgow Roller Derby’s game on the 3rd of December. There was no charge for this event, to play or to watch, instead they asked for donations to their chosen charities: SSPCA and The Community and Beyond Toy Bank. We thought this was fantastic and there was an amazing collection of toys and pet food by the end of the day.

Kami-Tazzy and Jamming Dodger (one of our newest Hawks) were on the Naughty List – Team Black and Un-Fairley and Whackhery Binx were on the Slay Belles – Team White.

“This was a fantastic event for worthy causes and as always extremely well run! From Refs with antlers and NSOs with elf costumes it definitely got me in the Christmas spirit. I got to play with and against some skaters that I hadn’t seen since my cherry popper and met some fantastic new people too!”

Un-Fairley #27

“I previously skated in the Shark fundraiser game in Glasgow and found it great fun so as soon as I saw this one, I was eager to sign up.  When I found out that we were going to be donating to two great charities, that was the cherry on top.  This game was great fun, such a lovely bunch of folks from the announcers to the NSO's, and they even put on some great halftime and end of game entertainment. It is always good skating with people you don't really know as there are no expectations so you really can have a lot of fun with it. I would thoroughly recommend putting your name forward in the future, it’s a great way to skate with some really experienced skaters and meet some new pals.”

Whackhery Binx #30

As you can tell we had a great day and Kami-Tazzy got Best Jammer and Un-Fairley received a Best Blocker certificate.

Next up was the Christmas Charity Brawl in aid of Re-Act Falkirk – Refugee Action Scotland. This was a double header with cubs and coed. Our Kami-Tazzy was once again repping GCRD in the coed game.

“An absolute awesome day where I got the chance to skate with and against friends from other leagues and also other antastic skaters. It was for charity, it was coed, the atmosphere was amazing, so much derby love. The cubs were also awesome, the future stars of derby. A big thank you to all that were involved that day!”

Kami-Tazzy #360

This was Kami-Tazzy’s first game in a while purely jamming from start to finish and it showed as she picked up another Best Jammer Certification to add to her collection!

We are looking forward to seeing which games pop up next year for worthy causes!

By granitecityrollerderby, Dec 9 2016 04:10PM

Recently two of our newest Fight Hawks had their first bout. And second. And third and fourth all in one day! They went down to Edinburgh with the Hawks to take part in a mini tournament and it really was a full on first day! Here’s what Arabian Frights and Jamming Dodger had to say about their first bouts.

I was super nervous on the lead up to bout day. I barely slept the week leading to it as I was running all the drills we had practiced over and over in my head! The Hawks were taking part in a mini tournament. It wasn't going to just be my first game but my second, third and fourth all in the same day!

In the changing rooms we all started to kit up and had an off skates warm up dancing to music on Sam's phone. That kinda helped keep the nerves at bay and get us amped up. We then headed into the hall to warm up. Shazza gave Becca and I some tips on getting used to the roped track, then Taz put us through our warm up.

Then it was game time (ahhh!). We were lined up to play the first two half hour games. First up we were against Lothian Derby Dolls. The first couple of jams passed in a complete blur and I did find myself in the penalty box a few times, I think due to the shock of it being full throttle. It does also give you a little bit of the demon in your head saying you aren't ready for this. The Hawks came out top with a 102 to Lothian's 99. Was so close!

We played Auld Reekie next, didn't feel nervous this time as I was buzzing from how fun the first game was. I personally found this game hard going but still enjoyed every minute of it. Auld Reekie took a win of 179 to our 36.

We then had a break of an hour and a half. Joined my sister and Jenny in the audience to watch the three next games and grab some snacks to get me through the next hour and half of derby. After another dance and wee skate about, we were up against Dundee's Bonnie Colliders. This was another quite hard going game, on one of my occasions as jammer, I did pull off a pretty good star pass with Sam as pivot! We took a loss of 45 to 90 for Dundee.

We were up against Lothian for the 3rd and 4th place. A full hour game was next and we were all pretty spent but pushed on hard. With the time running out on the clock, Janey set us a goal of getting our points to 200. The last few jams were awesome. Becca was our jammer for the last one and she did amazing. We could see her tiring but with the points going up to 200 and over we did our best to keep her going with encouragement from the bench. It was so exciting to watch and I felt so chuffed for her with it being her first game(s) too. Hawks came third overall in the tournament with a score of 213 to 127 to Lothian!

I'd done it! Got through my first bout and had the best time ever. I actually cried a little due to the adrenaline and the fact I got through it! Jenny and my sis came down from the stands to congratulate us and then we made our way to the changing rooms to celebrate with a communal bottle of cherry lambrini. After getting changed I head to the stands to watch the last game and have a celebratory Jack Daniel's and a burrito...all the derby makes you hungry!! Thanks Hawks for such a fun day, all the help and to Taz and Janey for bench and line up, you guys were ace!

- Arabian Frights

Just had my first derby bout and it was amazing. The build up was a mix of nervous and excitement all the way to the 1st game. I took my partner and sons for some moral support which was great. I felt my first game I did ok but I was disappointed with myself at the fouls I got.

The 2nd game was really tough the ARRG girls were amazing players but we gave it our all. The 3rd game is when I started to feel a lot more confident and it was good to get a break after the first 2.

The final hour long game was so much fun. I was quite worried as to how we would do after playing so much already but as much as we were all tired i don't think it showed too much. I personally was really happy with the final game as I got to jam lots which I love.

My team were amazing the blockers were fab and the offence was brilliant. I had a bit of a system when I jammed and I felt it worked really well. I definitely have the bout bug now and will be putting my name down for as much as I can get. Really can't wait for next year to hopefully be in my first home game. Roll on 2017!

- Jamming Dodger

And it appears that Jamming Dodger has really got the bouting bug, as the very next week she was off to take part in a charity bout in Glasgow with Taz, Un-Fairley and Whackery Binx. We all look forward to seeing our newest Fight Hawks in action at home next year!

By granitecityrollerderby, Sep 28 2016 11:01AM

Granite City Roller Derby host their final double header of the year at Aberdeen's Beach Leisure Centre on Saturday 1st October.

Granite's Fight Hawks will be opening the bout, taking to the track against Mean City Roller Derby; and Tier 4 North champions, the Northern Fights, will compete with a mixed Dream Team featuring skaters from across the county. Don't miss it!

Not familiar with the game? There’s a brief explanation of rules, friendly faces, a raffle and plenty of cake!

All proceeds from our cake stall will be going to Aberdeen Cyrenians. As part of their Harvest Appeal we will also be collecting tinned and dried food at this bout - so please bring something along to donate!

Doors open at 12.30pm, first whistle at 1.10pm. Entry is £4 on the door - 12 and unders go free!

Celebrate with GCRD in style at the After Party - 6.00pm at Krakatoa.

See you there!

By granitecityrollerderby, Jun 8 2016 08:17PM

On the 4th June, Granite’s City Roller Derby’s A team played Halifax Bruising Banditas in an exciting game which saw Granite take the win 229 – 155. This was the final game in the British Championships for Granite this year, which sees them undefeated and therefore topping Tier 4 North, with promotion into Tier 3 North next year!

This concludes a successful run for the team, who have gone from strength-to-strength since their re-brand and new teal & grey look at the beginning of the year.

During this year, “The Northern Fights” have travelled far and wide to face Spa Town Roller Girls (238 GCRD -140 STRG) and the Blackpool Roller Coasters (268 GCRD -51 BRC). Granite were also due to play Durham, however, due to circumstances beyond their control Durham had to forfeit the game. Granite instead played a “Dream Team” consisting of players from various leagues across Scotland, and were victorious (324 GCRD – 63 DT).

Co-captain Christine McCartney (aka “Udder Mayhem”) says, “Since we’ve hit the refresh button, with new faces on the team, a new look, a new Tier, and a new perspective, we’ve grown stronger both as individual skaters and as a cohesive team. We are on a roll, and are keen to keep this momentum going into Tier 3 in 2017. We are all very excited, and I’m very proud of the team and what we have managed to achieve this year.”

Even though British Championships have concluded for Granite, the A team will be in action again later in the year. On the 27th August they will face Glasgow Roller Derby’s “Maiden Grrders” and on the 1st October they will face Sheffield Steel Roller Girls “A Team” at home in the Beach Leisure Centre, Aberdeen.

Granite’s B team “The Fight Hawks” are also busy! This Saturday (11th June) they will face Auld Reekie Roller Girls’ “The All Star Rookies” in Edinburgh. The Hawks will also be in action later in the year, with various games lined up both home and away. It is hoped the success will continue for both of the Granite teams throughout 2016!

Image credit: Dave McAleavy,

By granitecityrollerderby, May 24 2016 11:06AM

Granite City are making their way to Harrogate for the final game of their British Championships tournament!

GCRD have had an awesome run in Tier 4 Local North this year, taking the win for all 3 of their games so far. You can always keep up with our scores on, or click on our scores widget on the front page.

The fourth and final game will be against Halifax Bruising Banditas on the 4th of June. As you can see from the entirely accurate artists rendition above, the team are very excited to be hosted by the wonderful Spa Town Roller Girls and check out the delights of North Yorkshire!

You can find the event on facebook and buy tickets now. See you on track!

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