By granitecityrollerderby, Dec 9 2015 02:10PM

Our fundraising team have been amazing this year, and have managed to secure us 2 fantastic grants! The first of these comes from Sport Aberdeen, who have awarded us a development grant of £1,371, so that we can provide uniform, helmets, equipment and training sessions to our B team. Our Fight Hawks are going to look and to be absolutely fierce!

Sport Aberdeen Development Grant - £1,371

Project: Funding for B Team the ‘Fight Hawks’ - equipment, coaching, hall hire and their Cherry Popper home game!

The money from this grant will be used for:

o Home & away kit

o Helmets

o Equipment - cones, bibs, whistles, first aid kit & tape measures

o Off-skates conditioning coaching sessions

o Fight Hawks first home game!!

This grant is fantastic news, because it allows us to support our intermediate training squad throughout their first year, and give them the exciting and tangible goal of their first home game! We hope this inspires all those who join us as fresh meat to know that there are great opportunities for progression with Granite City Roller Derby.

The second grant is for a phenomenal £4,690, from Awards for All Scotland! Part of this grant will cover kit and equipment costs, as well as hall hire. One of the most exciting parts of this grant is the £1,500 which will be put towards providing some essential starter kits for our new skaters, and the £500 for coach development! This will be used for UKRDA coaching sessions, which will help improve our coaching for every one of our members.

Finally, this grant awards £560 for game costs, which will allow us to host a home game DOUBLE HEADER!

Awards for All Scotland - £4,690

Project – Funding for roller derby equipment, fresh meat kit, coaching and hall hire

o 20 helmets

o 10 Starter packs

o Bibs/cones/whistles

o Coach development - UKRDA sessions

o Kit storage

o Hall hire – 20 hours

o Game costs

o First aid

o Advertising

These grants are huge news for us at Granite City Roller Derby. We’re really excited to be able to provide the best coaching, kit and facilities that we can, for all of our skaters.

Sport Aberdeen
Sport Aberdeen
Awards For All Scotland
Awards For All Scotland

By granitecityrollerderby, Dec 7 2015 08:16PM

Introducing Fun Loving Scriminal, one of our latest skaters to pass their mins and December's Skater of the Month! Keep an eye out to see her on a track near you soon!

We have been catching up with her;

What is your day job?

My day job is a dinner lady at the local school, not very glamorous (the uniform is hideous) but the hours fit in well with having my own kids. I also get to taste lots of yummy puddings and cakes yay!

What do you do out with roller derby?

When I'm not at Derby practice, I'm usually running around after my kids. We're pretty lucky to stay out in the countryside, so family fun times usually involve adventuring on our bikes or hiking, anything that involves getting muddy.

Why did you join roller derby?

I joined rollerderby after reading about it online. I was surprised that there was a team in Aberdeen, so went along for the fresh meat intake. I always enjoyed sports when I was at school and have since joined various fitness classes. Anything that gets the blood pumping!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to join roller derby?

Advice I would give to anyone getting involved with roller derby, I may not be the best person to answer this as I've only just passed my minimum skills test, but that would also be my 1st advice, stick at it. The skating is great fun and everyone learns at different speeds. I worried about my age being a barrier but its never been an issue, everyone has been really nice. Invest as much money as you can afford on good kit especially knee pads. And if skating ain't your thing there are lots of other ways to be involved.

Roller Derby to you in 3 words;

Fun, Laughs, Sweat!

By granitecityrollerderby, Oct 5 2015 02:58PM

This month's ‪skater‬ of the month is taken from the newly formed Fight Hawks‬, ‪Rapidbash‬, not only was it this girls first Fight Hawks match but first ever game and she took away best blocker!

We've been catching up with her:

She has the following tips for anyone that plays ‪rollerderby‬: listen to others, tips, tricks and advice is so important and beneficial. Also watch games, you can learn so much.

We asked Rapidbash to describe what rollerderby meant to her: Life changing, rewarding and fun.

One ‪‎positive‬ thing roller derby has brought to your life?: Self confidence. I chose to finally get involved with roller derby at a critical point in my life and its been a complete 180 since then. I'm happier, healthier, fitter, more confident, self assured and fiercer.

What is your favourite thing about GCRG?: The people. They are inspiring, motivational, amazing and not just a little bit terrifying. I couldnt ask to be part of a better league.

what is your party trick?: Solve a rubiks cube in 40 seconds.

What is your ‪‎netflix‬ binge?: movies - anything period drama. tv series- buffy the vampire slayer OR Pokemon. It's about 50/50

What is your dream ‪‎holiday‬ destination?: space

If you have a ‪‎bucketlist‬ what is your number 1 must do thing?: swim wih manatees. SEA COWS!!!

What's your favourite drink?: Hot mulled cider. its going to be sole reason I loose all my teeth.

Tune in next month for the next skater of the month!

By granitecityrollerderby, Sep 14 2015 01:34PM

So incredibly proud of the Fight Hawks winning their first ever game - such a great watch, thanks to the lovely Lothian Derby Dolls who were awesome, what a close and hard fought game!!! Final score 157 - 147

By granitecityrollerderby, Sep 7 2015 08:41AM

Granite City Roller Girls have added a new team to the league!

To complement our A team the "Northern Fights", we now have a new B team - the "Fight Hawks". The Hawks will add more opportunities for games for GCRG, allowing those coming up from our introduction course to start playing competitvely as soon as possible. Read more about the new team in an interview with Bench Coach Pert Hits at the Scottish Roller Derby blog:

They're raring to go, and will be making their track debut playing Lothian Derby Dolls on the 12th of September at the Jack Kane sports centre, Edinburgh at 12.30pm. They'll be getting plenty of support from the rest of the league, come and join us to cheer them on!

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