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So not only are we welcoming back Roobs, we also have #222 Foxy Blocks making her derby debut this Saturday!

Here's what she had to say about returning to skating after a break and preparing for her first game as a Fight Hawk.

What is your derby name and number?

Foxy Blocks (I love foxes and Lego).

222 - the date of Thinking Day as I have been a Girlguiding Rainbow leader for 12 years.

How long have you been skating?

2.5 years but 9 months of that I was away to have a baby

What has it been like coming back to skating after your break?

Couldn't wait to get back, really made me sad seeing my skates sitting for months not being used.

What is your favourite position on track and why?

Jamming. I used to be a sprinter so enjoy the speed, plus I'm not great at hits, so prefer to be on the other end and do my best to avoid them instead!

What are your strengths on track?

Getting in the way? Is that a strength? Whether intentional or not.

Also having long legs helps in a wall as I can take up loads of room!

What do you find challenging?

Reacting fast enough as a blocker to do something useful when the jammer is approaching. I've had lots of " Oh I'll do this....Oh never mind, they're gone..."

Also distance, can't quite see what 10 feet looks like yet.

How are you feeling about your first game?

Very nervous, but I'm glad I'll have a full team of pals around me. It'll be interesting to see if I remember anything from weekly training in an actual game!

Remember you can catch all the action this Saturday at 12.30!

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This Saturday (28th July) sees a double header at home for GCRD.

The second game of the day will see the GCRD Northern Fights take on Vagine Regime. You can find an interview with their captains here

The first game will see GCRD's Fight Hawks take on DRD's Bonnie Colliders, and with it the return of a skater who has been with GCRD before it was GCRD!

Yes, we are super excited to welcome #08 Ruby Riot back on track!

Here's what she had to say before her first game back.

What is your Derby name and number?

Ruby Riot or Roobs, 08

How long have you been skating?

On and off since about 2007, back in the days of the Aberdeen Aces and car park skating!

What has it been like coming back to skating after your break?

It's simultaneously wonderful and terrifying. So much as changed while I've been off and so many people have left it feels like coming home but not knowing anyone who lives there. I'm very happy to be back though, enjoying training and excited about getting on track with the team.

What is your favourite position on track and why?

I like being a brace in a wall. Some people might tell you that I'm loud, I prefer to say that I'm an effective communicator so I feel thats where my talents are best used! Also enjoy being an offence and making opportunities for my jammer.

What are your strengths on track?

Erm, I'm loud?

What do you find challenging?

Being jukey as a jammer is a personal hurdle. I am pure blammer, if I can't brute force my way through something then I'm scuppered!

How are you feeling about your first game back?

For the first time in a long time I have the excited tummy bubbles about a game. I'll probably do several nervous poops on the day but overall I can't wait. More so because it'll be the first time my son has seen me skate since he's been old enough to understand (my last game was when he was 6 months old, he's now nearly 3).

We can't wait to see (and hear!) Roobs back on track.

Catch all the action on Saturday 28th July at the Beach Leisure Centre, Aberdeen. Doors open at 12.30.

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Today we meet another brand new Fight Hawk ahead of Quad Cup in Portugal.

Here's what #20 Ash had to say about her derby career so far, and how she's feeling about the tournament.

How did you get into roller derby?

I was originally looking at roller figure skating but Aberdeen doesn’t have anything like that. One of my

work colleagues had went to the roller derby newbies before she got pregnant and she told me about it and I looked it up, went to the intake day and I was hooked. Haven’t looked back.

How long have you been skating?

I’ve been skating for two and a half years but have had sections of breaks due to holidays and going offshore.

What's your favourite thing about derby?

I love the people in derby. I love how no one judges you by the way you look or by who you are as a person, the only thing that matters is that you love derby.

Do you have a preferred position on track?

I like being brace if I can when in a blockers role. This is mainly because I like to look at what’s coming. However I don’t mind all other positions.

How are you feeling about your first game?

I’m pretty nervous I will somehow let the team down. However I know I will give it my all and I will enjoy this experience. I’m mainly looking forward to bonding as a team and getting to know people not just from a roller derby point of view. However I think my main challenge will be keeping hydrated, Portugal is HOT!

Good luck to all the Fight Hawks this weekend, have all the fun and do all the things (and stay hydrated!)


The first photo in this post is courtesy of Brianbat Photography.

All othe photos are courtesy of David Prentice Photography.

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This weekend the Fight Hawks head out to Portugal to take part in Quad Cup 2018, where they will be skating against Coimbra Rocket Doll Roller Derby and Derby Dames Madrid Black Thunders.

We caught up with two of our newest Hawks MenstruHate and Ash to chat about their derby career so far and see how they're feeling about their first game.

Here's what #14 MenstruHate had to say.

How did you get into roller derby?

I got into roller derby through working at Krakatoa (who sponsor GCRD). I remember the league coming on nights out and having a blast and enjoyed hearing all the exciting stories. When I looked into the sport and found out how inclusive it was, I was interested.

When I looked into its history, learned the old rule set and saw footage of recent games, I was instantly hooked. Full contact. On SKATES. What’s not to love?!

Everyone seemed very open and up for a laugh, whilst also being dedicated to the training and sport.

How long have you been skating?

I’ve been skating for around 14 months. (Time has flown by!)

What's your favourite thing about derby?

My favourite things about derby are first of all the team spirit and sportsmanship. It’s such a supportive environment to learn something new. And I love that no one is left behind. We’re very good at bringing out the best in each other. It’s heartwarming.

Secondly, I love how much it’s taught me about myself. It’s not an easy sport. And there are days where you’re convinced you’re just not good enough. There’s literally blood, sweat and tears. But somehow, you get back up, you put your skates on and you try again. And again. And again.

Being small, I instantly felt daunted. But I am strong. And this has helped me to see past my flaws and focus on my strengths. Scottish people are not very good at that in general. It’s taught me that even at the peak of my anxiety, I can still push through.

Do you have a preferred position on track?

My preferred position on track was Jammer. I loved the adrenaline rush, the speed, all of it! However my health recently dipped and I haven’t been able to utilise as much speed. So I switched to blocking, which scared me a lot at first.

However I’ve grown to love this. I love the group tactics of blocking and learning the different patterns of Offense and Defence. It’s great being right there with your team buddies, communicating and seeing a plan come into action. I’ve found it all really interesting. So much so, that I think I might stick with blocking! it’s still early days for me, and I’ve got a lot to learn so we’ll see how my derby journey pans out!

How are you feeling about your first game?

I’m pretty nervous about my first game! (I’m not going to lie) Playing your first game in an international tournament can seem like a lot of pressure! However I’m really excited to play against people I’ve never played alongside. I’m excited to see my teammates on track and generally soak up the fun atmosphere of Derby! I think the whole thing will be challenging for me. Particularly the level of skating as I’ve only recently moved up to advanced. I’m sure I’m going to take some big hits and it’ll take me a while to catch up with the speed of gameplay. But I’m sure the adrenaline will kick in and I will learn A LOT. Best to be thrown in at the deep end! There’s no better way to learn.

Tomorrow we catch up with #20 Ash before she heads of to the tournament on Saturday.

By granitecityrollerderby, Mar 29 2018 01:19PM

We are super excited to be hosting a double header this weekend (Saturday 31st March)!

The first game will feature Rising Stars not only from GCRD, but also from Mean City, Fair City, Helgin , Inverness and the Orkney Viqueens.

Following this will be an interleague game, where Hawkward take on the Rowie Rollers, with teams made up of skaters from the Northern Fights and Fight Hawks, as well as Inverness and Helgin.

Before the game we caught up with Hit Me Speirs, an Inter at GCRD who has recently passed her mins and is playing her first game in the RIsing Stars, Mr Krust, the Northern Fights brand new Bench, and Peggy Kruger, who is making her reffing debut!

I’m really excited but also nervous about my first ever game. It definitely helps that we are all in the same boat. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people but I’m really pleased that Becca is on my team and that we have familiar faces on our bench.

I think I’ll mainly be focused on having fun, I tend to be quite hard on myself so I want to focus on staying positive and enjoying the experience. It will be good to put all our training in to practice. Fingers crossed I remember some of it when we get out there!

Hit me Speirs

My first ref game is approaching and I'm filled with both nerves and excitement! I'm excited to wear stripes and join the reffing world. I'm nervous that all the rules I have been learning will be forgotten when I need them most.

I have been learning to ref for just shy of two years. Mama Mags was my first tutor and I learned so much from her. I'm now under the tutelage of Buffy Boiler who will HR my first game. I'm lucky to be in a crew of dreams for my first game, working with people I have looked up to for ages.

At the moment, and because I'm still new in my ref journey, jam reffing has been my favourite.

I'm looking forward to working the pack (pipe dream right now!).

Wish me luck!

Peggy Krueger

Taking on the role of bench coach for the Northern Fights has been an absolute dream! The team had a great 2017 but with some changes in the roster, this year is all about resetting and settling in new players so I've felt very privileged to be a part of that.

My past experiences in refereeing and announcing actually helped a lot as those roles teach you rules knowledge and observation skills, two things that a bench coach absolutely needs! The Fights make my role so easy as they are a fantastic unit and really do epitomise the ethos of a unified team.

Mr Krust

We are also super excited to welcome Krusty back on track! Here's what she had to say about her first game back as captain of team "Hawkward".

My last game I played was September 2016 and I was probably at my fittest with the continuation of physio and off skate training to help my ACL recovery after surgery.

A blow came when diagnosed with breast cancer early 2017, treatment and recovery gifted me with a year off skates but as I was fit going in to treatment, it’s helped my recovery.

Sprinkle a lot of support from friends and family, with a side of pure determination and defiance, I return to play this Saturday as Captain of ‘Hawkward’ one of our interleague teams.

I have had to ‘manage’ side effects of the on going treatment, tiredness and fatigue are the more testing effects of medications and it can be hard to get yourself to training.

I have to say, I’m pretty excited to return and share the track with Hawks and Fights, also with some Helgin and Inverness skaters, two leagues I absolutely adore! Also, I get to watch my husband play his first game! And we have visitors from Orkney, I am going to be so damn giddy on Friday!! I can not wait!

I’ve not missed too much by being off skates, I always try and stay as included in the league as I am able, so I have always felt part of the team, I still managed to LUM the Fight’s in 2017 and coach our newbies when able. The Fights were so understanding, patient and supportive, allowing me to continue in my role as LUM even when they knew there may be times I would not be able to attend games. I thank them for that as it meant the world to me. And the whole league has been amazing!

How did I prep for this game?

Most would say by going to the gym and pounding cardio and weights, not me…

I’ve prepped for this game by buying face paint, new leggings and some water.


Head down to the Beach Leisure Centre this Saturday (31st March) at 12.30 for two games of amazing Roller Derby!

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