Welcome #222 Foxy Blocks

By granitecityrollerderby, Jul 27 2018 09:00AM

So not only are we welcoming back Roobs, we also have #222 Foxy Blocks making her derby debut this Saturday!

Here's what she had to say about returning to skating after a break and preparing for her first game as a Fight Hawk.

What is your derby name and number?

Foxy Blocks (I love foxes and Lego).

222 - the date of Thinking Day as I have been a Girlguiding Rainbow leader for 12 years.

How long have you been skating?

2.5 years but 9 months of that I was away to have a baby

What has it been like coming back to skating after your break?

Couldn't wait to get back, really made me sad seeing my skates sitting for months not being used.

What is your favourite position on track and why?

Jamming. I used to be a sprinter so enjoy the speed, plus I'm not great at hits, so prefer to be on the other end and do my best to avoid them instead!

What are your strengths on track?

Getting in the way? Is that a strength? Whether intentional or not.

Also having long legs helps in a wall as I can take up loads of room!

What do you find challenging?

Reacting fast enough as a blocker to do something useful when the jammer is approaching. I've had lots of " Oh I'll do this....Oh never mind, they're gone..."

Also distance, can't quite see what 10 feet looks like yet.

How are you feeling about your first game?

Very nervous, but I'm glad I'll have a full team of pals around me. It'll be interesting to see if I remember anything from weekly training in an actual game!

Remember you can catch all the action this Saturday at 12.30!

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