Skater of the Month - March 2016

By granitecityrollerderby, Mar 18 2016 11:53AM

This month we get to introduce you to one of the Northern Fight's latest 2016 Debutants and Fight Hawks skater, Mean MaSheena!

We've been catching up with her;

Any tips for anyone that plays roller derby?

Spend most of any free training time you have really working on the skills you struggle with and talk to fellow skaters that have nailed it. Getting good advice from your team-mates on specific techniques is a brilliant way to break them down and master them – everyone is really good at something and they are usually willing to share advice. Being brave and trying new skills is the best way to be a good all-round skater.

One positive thing roller derby has brought to your life?

I am fitter than I have ever been in my life without it seeming like a chore. I was never into sports or fitness before joining Roller Derby but skating and cross-training for skating is easy because I love it and I always want to be better.

What is your favourite thing about GCRD?

GCRD is a crazy mix of different people who all work really well together. The whole league is dedicated and focussed to make us the best we can be as a group but also as individual members.

What is your party trick?

I stopped doing party tricks after an ill-timed Flaming Sambuca incident.

What is your Netflix binge?

Currently Black Sails, but House is probably my all-time favourite.

What is your dream holiday destination?

A very remote cottage in the mountains with a log fire and a hot tub. It doesn’t really matter where in the world it is as long as it is snowy and secluded.

If you have a bucket list what is your number one thing to do?

Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway from end to end.

What's your favourite drink?

I’m a craft beer girl, so anything with a ton of flavour and brewed with a bit of passion usually goes down well.

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