GCRD 10th Anniversary - Highland Fling

By granitecityrollerderby, Oct 23 2018 04:32PM

In 2010 Granite City hosted the first Roller Derby tournament in Scotland. The Highland Fling featured 6 teams from Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, with Granite finishing 4th.

For #36 Phanny, it made a very big impression.

It was the first real live roller derby I ever saw and it made me want to join the league so badly! So I did a couple of months later!

It was my first time seeing the Fights play after starting with the league, will never forget the joy when they beat arrg!!

Tessington World of Adventures

Ruby Riot remembers

I wore very very tiny pants and fishnets. We were elated to be playing all these other teams from Scotland and actually getting a win. We partied damn hard with Dundee and had the absolute best time despite having to play again the next day. I'm pretty sure we won the after-party.

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