Fresh Meat Month - Meet the Mentors

By granitecityrollerderby, Sep 16 2016 04:04PM

As this New Intake session comes to an end and we prepare to welcome our new skaters, we asked some of the Coaches and Mentors for their thoughts. Here’s what Krusty and Christine had to say.

What has been the best thing about coaching / mentoring?

The skaters. The skaters that turn up to training, week in, week out, giving that 100% on track! The smiles and laughter. The comradery. The dedication and commitment to succeed. I flipping love coaching the trainees, they’re inspiring and keep me focussed on trying to make every session as beneficial to their progression as possible. I would be lost without them, seriously!

- Krusty

My favourite thing about mentoring is seeing progression. Remembering the newbies when they first put on a pair of skates at the beginning of the course, and then seeing how much they improve in such a short space of time is inspiring! They can nail skills in one session that took me months of graft to master! It keeps me humbled and reminds me to keep on working on my own skills. I also love seeing when newbies get “the derby bug” and start to get very excited about the sport. That excitement is infectious!

- Christine

What was your biggest challenge?

There are no huge challenges for me as such. I think my main goals are that I help the skaters to be the best they can be within the timescales of the course. I want them to excel past their own expectations. Sometimes a skater can feel they are not progressing but I can assure them that they are. Every week they produce something new and exciting, an extra half lap in 27/5, a faster plow stop or just nailing a skill that’s personally challenging to to the individual. Progression is exciting and watching their own achievements fuels me personally as a skater.

- Krusty

No challenges, just good fun! I love mentoring the newbs!

- Christine

Do you have a final piece of advice for your mentlings?

DERBY STANCE! Off skate training! Top tip during training: As long as you’re talking, you’re not listening.

- Krusty

A few pieces of advice.

1) Off-skates training – it makes a huge difference, especially for your 27 in 5!

2) NSO, NSO, NSO!!! [nsos are non skating officials who do certain jobs during bouts and scrims - ed] It helps you to learn the game, you feel more involved with the league, you make friends, ALL the benefits! Plus it helps to understand the rules (important for when you actually start playing the game… we can always tell the skaters who have actually NSO’d as they get less silly penalties!)

3) Please don’t be disheartened if you can’t nail a skill. Step back, reflect, seek advice from a mentor/coach, and make a plan to work on it. Everyone progresses at different rates, and that’s OK. Celebrate the mini achievements! Progress is progress, even if it just holding a one foot glide for 2 more seconds… OWN THAT VICTORY!

- Christine

Remember to come along to Aberdeen Lads Club from 2-4 on Saturday 17th September for a free taster session.

Hope to see you there!

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