Fresh Meat Month - An INTERlude

By granitecityrollerderby, Sep 13 2016 05:02PM

Because this post is about our inters group. Geddit?

This year GCRD introduced a new Intermediate group to help bridge the gap between Fresh Meat and “Tuesdays” (mins passed skaters training sessions).

This Sunday marked the final session of the very first inters group, and here’s some of our thoughts as we graduate...

Arabian Frights explains what the course entails :

After mins testing the intake I was a part of, gcrd introduced an intermediate group for those just passed mins (who maybe didn't feel ready for Tuesday nights) and those who were on the cusp of being mins passed.

For those moving up from newbies...

What does inters entail?

Well for one it’s a lot stricter than newbies, that doesn't mean that it's less fun. It's just we have one hour less than we did at newbs so we gotta keep going!

So what did we do there?

We focussed on a lot of dynamic walls. Low (lower than we had been before!), slow moving brace walls. Think the Gotham vs London game and you'll get the idea! Dig those edges in while the jammer is pushing at your wall to slow it down and you'll really tire her out! Our sessions focusing on edge work with Jo Mamma and Karyn really helped with that. They even got us to try weaving round the cones on one foot and backwards! So hard to not look at your feet doing that! We also got more in depth on lateral movements for quicker movement across the width of the track. Trap that jammer!! - Arabian Frights

As well as working to pass our last few minimum skills (transitions, always transitions…) we focussed a lot on gameplay and tactics, which I’ve really enjoyed, and occasionally been confused by (backwards beading anyone?) - Pain au Chocolat

This class was great as it hit on everything we did in beginners but with a higher standard of difficulty. It was hard work but great. Everything we learned in beginners was put to the test in this class as well as scrims. - Jamming Dodger

After I passed minimum skills at the end of the fresh meat course, I really felt that I needed something to bridge the gap between beginners' training on Wednesdays and the more advanced training on Tuesdays. As I am still quite new to the sport, the intermediate course was perfect for allowing me build confidence in gameplay skills and get a better grasp of the rules. - Bonnie

It was pretty challenging at times…

The biggest challenges for me personally in moving up was my 27/5 and taking hits. I'd developed some sort of hits anxiety during fresh meat and was so worried that if I didn't get over it, that roller derby wasn't for me. I think one of our first Sunday sessions we focused on hits and Ruby Riot was with us...we took hits within a pack from her and I got my tick and it gave me a bit of a confidence boost. Next challenge...27/5, all that was left to be mins passed. For what seemed like forever, I was stuck between 23.5 and 25 . I upped my cardio off skates and with advice from Rapidbash, she had me counting my crossovers around the apex and up the straight way. Shouting out how many I had to do as I went along. Her encouragement really helped and If anything counting helped take the focus off the leg burning that comes on almost half way through! The next week, I finally did it and got 27.5! Yay!

I also couldn't get my head around beading...especially beading back. After going through the motions slowly, I think I'm getting it now! - Arabian Fights

I did find this course to be a lot more challenging than Fresh Meat, both mentally and physically, as it introduced more advanced tactics where “getting low” meant “no, really, get lower”. Because we were focussing on skills we struggled with, that could get tough mentally, but there were always the other skaters (and coaches and mentors) encouraging me and pushing me on, thanks guys! - Pain au Chocolat

We also got to scrim with the Hawks a few times - Kakaw!

Scrims were a really good learning experience as it put all our skills and drills into actual gameplay, which was really useful as it made me realise why certain things were constantly being drilled into us. I did feel like a spare part sometimes, as it was much more fast paced than I was used to, but it was also a lot more exhilarating when I “did a thing”! - Pain au Chocolat

Soon we were informed that we would be having our first full contact scrim. I felt so nervous the whole day leading up to scrim time, this was really gonna be the test on my hits confidence...there would be nowhere to hide! Scrim passed in a complete blur, I felt I spent more time on my butt than on my skates but I still had the best time! Our last scrim as inters was so much fun, we were a bit shorter on skaters so it was hard work to keep going in every jam. I gave hits!! I took hits and it wasn't so bad! When it was over I think everyone was so pleased at how far we had all come! - Arabian Fights

Final Thoughts?

I really enjoyed intermediate training! It was also useful that our group was quite small as it allowed us to get to know each other a bit better. Additionally, it meant that we could get more specific feedback from the coaches and trainers, who I can't thank enough for their hard work and support! - Bonnie

Just finished the last session of intermediate class and I feel a mix of emotions. I really enjoyed this class and had great fun with everyone in it. I'm excited and nervous for what's next but can't wait. Thanks again to all the coaches and mentors were all brilliant. - Jamming Dodger

I’m really glad this course exists and that I moved up when I did. It really gave me a kick up the butt and made me more focussed. My skating has come on leaps and bounds and I am more confident on track, thanks in no small part to my fellow inters, and the coaches and mentors. You’ve all been awesome and I really appreciate it! - Pain au Chocolat

I can't thank all my fellow inters enough for being such an awesome group to be a part of. We've all done so well! Our coaches and mentors have been awesome, thank you all for your time, knowledge and encouragement.

Here's to Tuesday's .... - Arabian Fights

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