Ask The Experts - aka our newest skaters!

By granitecityrollerderby, Oct 4 2017 04:05PM

This Saturday (7th October) is your chance to get involved with Granite City Roller Derby as we look for new skaters, referees and NSO’s (Non-Skating Officials) to join us.

We welcome all genders, all body types, fitness levels and all levels of skater, from never skated before to skate park vets.

The first session is free and all we ask is that you are over 18, wear comfortable, sports style clothing and bring water.

What is Roller Derby all about? Is it for me? What will I get from it?

To answer these burning questions, we spoke to some of our current and graduating members from our new skater course.

Trouble Maker

I joined because I'd been interested in derby for years. I love everything about it - the sport and the community. I've gained more confidence in myself, made friends and had great laughs.


I'm Becca, 28, I joined because I wanted to try something new. I love Derby because of the people - everybody is cheering you on to get better and you feel a real sense of satisfaction when you do improve. People should try it because the people are great, you have a lot of fun, and you learn something new.


I'm Nat, I'm 30, I do derby for mental health and girl power.


I joined Derby because I've always bladed and boarded but stopped due to bullying and other similar things. I wanted to reconnect with skating in a different way as an adult and prove to myself that I could actually do it!

Best decision ever! I love the feeling of skating but the best part has to be realising that you can work through things that once scared you. Like taking a beast of a hit and getting back up again. It's good for building mental stamina.


I'm Debbie, I'm 38, I'm a stay at home Mum, I do Derby to get away from the kids and do something for me

Thunder Kads

I'd wanted to join roller derby for a few years and finally got the time and courage to do so and I'm so glad I did it! I joined roller derby because I wanted a fun way to workout and meet new people. Thanks to roller derby, I've met some amazing and lovely people! I've done things I've been scared of and gained more confidence in myself. I love roller derby because it makes me happy! If you're looking for ways to spice up your life - join roller derby! It's a great way to meet new people and get fit while having fun.

Hit Me Speirs

I joined because I was looking for a fun way to keep fit and to meet new people. What I've loved about derby since I've joined GCRD is having great fun with my fellow newbs, meeting some kickass ladies and pushing myself past the limits of what I thought I could achieve.


I joined as I was looking for a fun way to get fit and it was time I did something for me. I love everything about Roller Derby. The training, the NSOing but most of all the people. Everyone should come and give it a go! I was instantly hooked and I don't know what I ever did before I started!

Hopefully some of these wee snippets from our members have inspired you to get involved on Saturday.

For more information check out our Facebook event HERE or email us at [email protected]

Many opportunities are available within the league for those who do not wish to participate in a full contact sport but still want to be part of our vibrant community. If this sounds more like you, then get in touch for more details.

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