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This was a mixed year for Granite. We sadly lost our bouting venue at the Beach, which did gain us some attention from the press.

As skater #666 Krusty said in the article, we were fortunate to have friendly leagues not too far away that gave us the use of their halls for games, for which we were very grateful.

As you can see, it didn't stop us travelling and playing wherever we could.

We took part in the Scrimmage of the Damned.

We played against the Lincolnshire Bombers.

Travelled to play the Belfast Banshees.

And took on Newcastle as well.

On a different note, the previous year had seen the first Roller Derby World Cup, in which to Granite City skaters had competed.

One of those skaters, #111 Clinically Wasted, was selected to carry the Olympic Torch through Aberdeenshire.

By granitecityrollerderby, Oct 23 2018 04:47PM

Hi, I'm Wendy or Peggy (derby name). I wanted to write about 2011 as this is the year my roller derby journey began. This was a busy year for the league. GCRG played 6 games throughout the year. The year kicked out with a win in February against Perth.

The league travelled down to Newcastle in March for Newcastle's first home game held in the Walker centre. Newcastle took the win this time.

The league had their next game against Auld reekie Roller Girl's Cannon Belles (now All Star reserves) in April. GCRG fought hard, but the Belles took the win.

The July home game saw GCRG take on their nearest team, Dundee's Silvery Tayzers, GCRG took the win that round. Dundee and GCRG have taken each other on repeatedly since 2010. There have been 5 games with Dundee since 2010, with GCRG winning three. Both teams have grown so much over the years with Dundee now being a WFTDA league and ranked 268th in the world. GCRD has many of it's members now filling the ranks at Dundee (Alun, Asa, Janey and now Bina). It's great to see how well they are doing.

September saw a nail biting game wiith a 3 point difference when GCRG played Manchester.

The 5th of November saw GCRG's final game of the year. This was played against the Dolly Rockits who had travelled from Leicestershire. The Dolly Rockits won the game, but GCRG won the dance off. There are still videos on youtube, I've watched them heaps of times and they still make me laugh to theis day!

The first women's World Cup was held in December of 2011 in Toronto Canada. Both Clinically Wasted and Fight Cub (formerly of ARRG) were representing the league playing for Team Scotland.

Team Scotland played games against New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany and Team USA. The Scottish team faced a tricky start playing USA first. They managed to score one point which meant they had a fight on their hands from the beginning. Wasted and Cub played brilliantly, showcasing the skating skills from the North East.

By granitecityrollerderby, Oct 23 2018 04:32PM

In 2010 Granite City hosted the first Roller Derby tournament in Scotland. The Highland Fling featured 6 teams from Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, with Granite finishing 4th.

For #36 Phanny, it made a very big impression.

It was the first real live roller derby I ever saw and it made me want to join the league so badly! So I did a couple of months later!

It was my first time seeing the Fights play after starting with the league, will never forget the joy when they beat arrg!!

Tessington World of Adventures

Ruby Riot remembers

I wore very very tiny pants and fishnets. We were elated to be playing all these other teams from Scotland and actually getting a win. We partied damn hard with Dundee and had the absolute best time despite having to play again the next day. I'm pretty sure we won the after-party.

By granitecityrollerderby, Oct 19 2018 03:28PM

Once upon a time (10 years ago) there was a roller derby league known as the Aberdeen Aces. They skated in a car park (when the weather allowed), made it up as they went along and had a ton of fun

doing so.

Thankfully, given the weather up here, at the end of 2008/start of 2009 they found an indoor training venue at the Aberdeen Lad's Club, where they continue to train to this day.

Along with a new venue came a new name, and Granite City Roller Girls was born.

#08 Ruby Riot, who is still an active skater in the league, was there during the transition.

Things I remember about the car park are mainly being very cold and it being very dark. We used to line up cars and put the headlights on so we could skate.

We rarely had to avoid cars thankfully, they didn't come down that far but we had to contend with the skateboarders who were not entirely impressed with us intruding on what they felt was their space and lots of little stones on the car park that would send us flying if we didn't avoid them.

Summer evenings were lovely because quite often someone would pop up to Sainsbury's and get a packet of ice lollies.

When we started we were very lax on safety gear, I think helmets were a fairly late addition. Also, baseball slides in a car park were not fun.

The move indoors made things interesting as they adapted.

Our early days in an actual hall felt very luxurious, like we'd made it even though by today's standards we were laughably bad.

The difference in skating surface was the main difference. Going from very sticky outside to a slick sports hall floor was a major learning curve.

One of my other main memories was my first time doing 20 (yep, only 20!) in 5 in the car park and having to sit down for a good 15 minutes after because I couldn't see properly. The change in fitness levels was a big jump, even now after 2 years off I didn't feel as bad doing my 27 in 5 as I did doing that first 20 in 5.

Also in 2009 the film Whip It! came out, and while it brought Roller Derby to the attention of a new, wider audience, it did also mean that skaters had to explain that there are rules preventing them from elbowing the oppostion in the face...

By granitecityrollerderby, Jul 27 2018 09:00AM

So not only are we welcoming back Roobs, we also have #222 Foxy Blocks making her derby debut this Saturday!

Here's what she had to say about returning to skating after a break and preparing for her first game as a Fight Hawk.

What is your derby name and number?

Foxy Blocks (I love foxes and Lego).

222 - the date of Thinking Day as I have been a Girlguiding Rainbow leader for 12 years.

How long have you been skating?

2.5 years but 9 months of that I was away to have a baby

What has it been like coming back to skating after your break?

Couldn't wait to get back, really made me sad seeing my skates sitting for months not being used.

What is your favourite position on track and why?

Jamming. I used to be a sprinter so enjoy the speed, plus I'm not great at hits, so prefer to be on the other end and do my best to avoid them instead!

What are your strengths on track?

Getting in the way? Is that a strength? Whether intentional or not.

Also having long legs helps in a wall as I can take up loads of room!

What do you find challenging?

Reacting fast enough as a blocker to do something useful when the jammer is approaching. I've had lots of " Oh I'll do this....Oh never mind, they're gone..."

Also distance, can't quite see what 10 feet looks like yet.

How are you feeling about your first game?

Very nervous, but I'm glad I'll have a full team of pals around me. It'll be interesting to see if I remember anything from weekly training in an actual game!

Remember you can catch all the action this Saturday at 12.30!

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