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The last Saturday of July sees Granite City Roller Derby hosting a Sevens Tournament! A day which will be Jam packed (pun intended) with amazing players, cakes, raffles and derby fun!

For those who are unsure, a Sevens Tournament (which can be similar to Rugby Sevens) introduces faster gameplay, fewer skaters per team and a whole lot of entertainment! We have Seven Teams, consisting of seven players; every team will play against each other in games lasting 15 minutes and because this tournament takes place in our home city of Aberdeen we’ve incorporated our Scottish roots into the Tournament!

We asked a couple of the teams to describe a Sevens Tournament in one sentence below!

Sevens Tournaments are stupendously super, silently smashing and surreptitiously swell!

Team Whisky Business

Sevens Tournaments are fast, exciting and an opportunity to skate with skaters from all over Scotland!

Team Donald Fars Yer Bruisers

We also managed to grab a few of the teams for more questions a week before the Tournament!

How would you describe your team in 3 words?

We’re the Tits! – Mither Taps Aff

Strong, Funny and Awesome! - Donald Fars Yer Bruisers

Malty, Oaky and Peaty (Whisky Terms, get it??) – Whisky Business

Pals Skating Together! – Block Ness Monsters

What are you looking forward to most on the Day?

Getting to skate with friends from other leagues, Dundee and Granite skaters finally skating together! And Nuke! – Block Ness Monsters

Seeing all our lovely derby pals! – Mither Taps Aff

How is your team preparing in the run up to the Tournament?

We’ve been trying to eat healthy! Some of us have even given up drinking! – Mither Taps Aff

We’ve been talking a lot and managed a scrim with most of us! We all have similar views about derby, we train hard and support our team mates! – Donald Fars Yer Bruisers

We will be drinking copious amounts of Whisky while storing ourselves in wooden barrels until the Tournament! – Team Whisky Business

What will your team be bringing to the Tournament?

We will be bringing good times, scotch spirit and warmth! – Whisky Business

Mostly long limbs and some fierce skating! – Block Ness Monsters

Does your team have a motto or a mantra?

Play Hard, Win then Win the After Party! – Mither Taps Aff

Loosers Wear Troosers – Donald Fars Yer Bruisers

Wisky with an ‘E’ ain't Scottish, but we are! – Whisky Business

All our teams for Saturday’s tournament are listed below!

Skating in Red for Oor Wheely are Kami Tazzy, Hex, Wrighteous, emKa, Whyte & MacDie, Judder Jam and Konanbourg.

Skating in Blue for Block Ness Monsters are Udder Mayhem, Bosies, Milky, Crimson Chaos, Berocca Bama, Rock’n Riot and Nuke!

Skating in Green for Wheely Far North are Bentai, Alba Damned, BeX-Rated, Bruteyvicious, Hazzard, Tiny Turbo and Autopsy Turvey

Skating in Black for Donald Fars Yer Bruisers are Whiplash, Darth Evader, Psycho, Solo, Harm, Samawry and Hardcore!

Skating in Purple for Whisky Business we have G-Wrecks, Habs, HullabaLou, Wrecks, Lawless, Shona –Mercy and Kate Push!

Skating in Yellow for Mither Taps Aff are Major Vengence, Trackadder, Sho Time, Tenacious C, Panda-monium, Orion Packs and Black Death!

Skating in White for Tunnocks Teaskates are Yossarian, Macfarlane, Skeevy Wonder, Hawkeye the Noo, Skimbles, Stripey and Critical Hit!

Our Sevens Tournament will be held at Aberdeen Beach Leisure Centre on Saturday 29th July. Doors will open at 11am with the first game to start at 11:30m. Entry is £4 on the door and free entry to those aged 12 and under!

We have lovely, friendly faces eager to talk rules and roller derby to those who aren’t completely familiar with the game. Our Scottish themed raffle and yummy cake stall shall be in full force on the day and all proceeds from our cake stall will go to SAMH.

So mark the date in your diary, come along on the 29th and watch our amazing players battle it out to be crowned the winners!

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(Scrim photos in this post are courtesy of Len Rizzo).

July's Member of the Month is Will 'o' the Whips, one of our Inters who has recently passed her minimum skills test and has been invited to come train with the Fight Hawks!

We caught up with her for a chat.

What is your day job?

At the moment I'm working with an arts trust within Aberdeen hospitals, and in the evenings I work at a cinema.

What are your hobbies (other than skating)?

On my free days I'm normally found in a printmaking workshop, usually screenprinting or drawing, watching movies (see above, lucky me!), cycling, or at the beach.

How did you get started in Roller Derby?

I had been aware of the league for a few years and finally decided to not miss out on another intake

day. This was only just over a year ago and I'm so glad I kicked my ass and turned up!

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out?

100% everything and celebrate the mini-victories! Things eventually become muscle memory, but in the meantime enjoy the sport, thank yourself for turning up to skate and don't lose sight of your progress.

Which derby person do you look up to most/aspire to be like?

Just one?! Team Scotland ladies, of course. They give me life! And not exclusively derby, I've been watching heaps of the Chicks In Bowls skatepark tricks recently...One day, haha!

What is your proudest Derby achievement?

I was never involved in any sports or exercise before skating, so sticking with a new sport for over

a year and improving my fitness in this way is a huge achievement for me. I'm also super proud to be invited to join extra training sessions with the Hawks soon, Honestly - buzzing!

What's the best thing about Roller Derby?

The trust between team mates, everyone having each others' backs. And personally, that post-scrim


Massive well done to Will 'o' the Whips, we look forward to seeing her in her new skating sessions!

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(Photos in this blog post are courtesy of Laura MacDonald)

Last Sunday GCRD's Fight Hawks (complete with new recruits) took on Inverness City Roller Derby in ICRD's first game as a team. There was brilliant blocking and fast jamming from both sides, with the Hawks taking the win.

Here's what the Hawks had to say post game.

The game went really well. There was some beautiful offense. We stuck with our buddies, we gave hard hits, we stuck together as a team and we kicked butt!!

The new Hawks slotted right into the team and it didn't seem like we had new members, it was like they'd always been with us! All the people who played their first game just fit in the team like puzzle pieces.

ICRD were a great team to play against. We've played some scrims with them before and have been looking forward to playing them in a formal game.

They're a lovely bunch of humans both on and off track. They had a wonderfully positive attitude towards the game and this game was really enjoyable. It seemed like everyone was just having a great time! There were some nerves but they were outshone by the excitement.

After the game we were told that they had a few cherry poppers which did not show on track. In fact, I'm 87% sure we gave the best jammer award to someone who was making their game debut! I'm looking forward to seeing ICRD grow and the Hawks are very excited to play with them again!

And how did ICRD feel after their amazing first game?

I think we played great for our first proper game as an actual team, we were so happy the Fight Hawks asked us to play.

Our girls did amazing, and a couple of them had only just got their mins out of the way a few weeks previous so this was their very first game and they just performed like they were born to play derby!

Yes, it took us a little while to get into our stride but we got there and couldn't have been happier that it was the Fight Hawks we were playing against. They are such a great team, every single one of them are amazing and soo friendly.

Massive congratulations to everyone involved! We look forward to seeing more from our Hawks (new and established) and ICRD in the future!

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Today we introduce you to another new Fight Hawk, Fawn of the Dead, and are delighted to welcome back returning Hawk Block 'N' Deck'er!

Derby Name - Block 'N' Deck'er Derby Name - Fawn of the Dead

Derby Number - 705 Derby Number - 1039

What made you want to play derby in the first place?

Fawn of the Dead - I found out about derby a few years before I actually joined GCRD but always thought it looked fun. As someone who’s never been into sport but grew up on inline skates it really appealed to me that the two could combine in this amazing way! I love that no matter your shape or size there is a place for you in derby.

Block 'N' Deck'er - I been looking for a fun way to get fit and a place to meet new people. One day I was watching Man v Food on tv and a team from Texas were on it. I thought these people seem fun so googled to see if there were any teams in Scotland and found GCRG.

What do you enjoy most about derby?

Block 'N' Deck'er - I love that there is always something everyone can be good at. Everyone also has their struggles but there are so many skills and styles that big or small, fast or strong there is something for everyone.

Fawn of the Dead - Skating and learning new skills with my friends every week. They are the most encouraging and supportive bunch!

What are your strengths as a skater?

Block 'N' Deck'er - Strength, being able to take a hard hit and being too stubborn to quit!

Fawn of the Dead - Whatever role I’m playing, I just get stuck in and go for it. I like to think I’m quick on my feet. And my ability to recover after falling – my leaguemates say I bounce back like a rubber ball!

Do you have a preferred role on track? (if so, what and why?)

Fawn of the Dead - I love to jam, I love the feeling of triumph after breaking out of the pack!

Block 'N' Deck'er - Sometimes I like to have a go at jamming, but my role is a blocker as my name gives away. I'm not as nimble as jammers tend to be. Hard hits and getting in the way are what I'm built for.

How are you feeling about your first game?

Fawn of the Dead - Super excited and nervous. It’s not really sunk in yet that I’m gonna be a Hawk! But once I get on track I’m just going to go out and enjoy it.

Block 'N' Deck'er - Coming back from injury there is a lot to get my head around. I had only been scrimming for less than a year and played in 2 games before having to take 9 months off. Thankfully muscle memory is helping me, but getting my self confidence back is going to take a while.

What are you most looking forward to in playing your first game?

Block 'N' Deck'er - I love being a Hawk and working with such a great team. It feels fantastic when we can work together to achieve our goals.

Fawn of the Dead - Skating alongside my amazing teamies and doing all the things!

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Our Member of the Month is our newest ref who just so happens to be making her reffing debut as OPR in this Sunday's Hawks vs Inverness game! Yes, you guessed it - it's Bina Pleasure!

What is your day job?

Operations supervisor at the cat cafe, or 'Cat Maiden'.

What are your hobbies? (other than Roller Derby)

Currently trying to teach myself to bake, watching the local ice hockey games, burlesque/ freestyle dancing and going to the cinema.

How did you get started?

My mate and I joined to tone up as we heard it was excellent exercise. My mate couldn't continue training, but I became hooked.

Any advice for new skaters?

Be fearless. The harder you try, the more you will probably fall... you're covered in pads so just go for it. Also, don't look at your feet!

Who are your derby inspirations?

I take inspiration from my own league. Riot is fearless, Wasted is agile and Krusty is dedicated. I look up to many players in our league.

What is your proudest Derby achievement?

First time I scrimmed and was given a 'best jammer' award. Made me feel like I was really progressing and pushed me to keep going. Being given my ref stripes last night was a major achievement, and I can't wait to ref my first bout on Sunday!!

What is the best thing about Roller Derby?

It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look like. Everyone is welcome. I've never had anyone pick at my flaws, only encourage me to overcome them.

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